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About ALPHA OT – an ALPHA brand

We know that our expertise makes us stronger than attackers. Together with our cybersecurity vendor network, we have the wisdom to uncover, correlate and understand multiple threats.

Always on your side, we have brought together the brightest minds from the process industry, enterprise security, and OT /IT to create a new kind of cybersecurity company – one that provides future-proof attack protection that ends and safeguards cyberattacks at the endpoint, across the enterprise, and wherever the fight is in your assets. Our objective – true to our mission Think Quality – is to create a platform for our customers that includes complete transparency and visibility, segmentation, protection and patented signal-integrity monitoring. With ALPHA, critical infrastructure and process industry participants keep critical operations up and running and make your assets safe from harm.

Not only stay Alert, go Secure with ALPHA!

An Statement of Dr. Thomas Krause, CEO

Hacker attacks on companies and assets, attacks on pipeline and tank farm operators, ransom extortion of companies, shutdown of process industry plants, data theft from companies: Digital threats are reported daily these days. Increasingly, process industry companies are falling into the crosshairs of hackers or criminal organizations. Many operators and asset owners still underestimate this threat! Asset owners and engineering companies also often consider the quality management of their project more important than ensuring cybercrime security.

In my opinion, it is a serious mistake. Our philosophy is to focus more on OT and IT systems in the awareness of our customers.  We assume that it is not just classic threat security that matters, known as functional security – but that the security systems themselves need to be protected – and here especially from hacker attacks, regardless of the location of the asset or the motivation of the criminals.

Now is the time to be prepared quickly for counterattacks and attacks and to invest in cybersecurity. ALPHA OT helps you take actions against threats and keep your assets safe in the future. Not only stay Alert, go Secure with ALPHA!