Bashkuntschak and Elton lakes are an important source of salt for the chlorine industry.

ALPHA / Russian Federation: Rostechnadzor/RTN-Decree No. 554 “Safety Instruction for Chlorine Industry“, Chapter II, P. 6, does not set a definite deadline for conversion of the old mercury-based electrolysis to the new membrane technology, but the technological development as well as modernization of the whole chemical complex use it as a drive for changes. Revamp of old plants will contribute not only to the environmental protection and health safety of the workers and population but also to the general efficiency of the whole process and to energy consumption. ALPHA – the engineering service provider for certifying, consultation, expediting – is proud to be part of this transformation. ALPHA will present its approach to increasing the efficiency of realisation of international projects in Russia at the 12th International Scientific and Technological Conference “Chlorine and its Derivatives 2018” in Moscow.