The burner of today: Modular plant engineering which influences the cost efficiencies and flexibility of EPC contractors is a common discussion today. Prefrabricatedmoduls consisting of piping, switching cabinets, valves, compressors or dosing unitsare preassembled and pretested before delivery.

The use of modulesmeans furthermore high standardisation and preassembling of equipment in tailor – made containers.
It is a simple calculation. The time of assembling of the equipment in the destination country is shorter and more cost effective. The EPC contractor pulls the strings in his hands throughout in all phases of the project.

Modularization means standardization and needs more effort in securing quality in all parts of the process and causes standardization of all process in EPC. What does it mean to the conformity assessment process for registration of complete modules?

ALPHA develops and utilizes a system of integrated modular conformity assessment (IMCA) which helps to modularize the certification and whole conformity assessment in ALPHA’s destination countries of the Eurasian Economic Union, Asia and Europe.
Following questions should be in the foreground:

  • How can I modularize the conformity assessment according the operator’s requirements?
  • How could be identified the different approvals and combined to one module?
  • How is it possible to secure 100 % quality during prefabrication at manufacturer´s workshop?
  • How will beidentified the mounted instruments which were selected by the pre-fabricating company?
  • How could integrated the system and collected data in the EPC concept?
  • How can be made a copy of one module conformity assessment transferred to another module and finally tothe whole plant concept?

The questions sound simple but modularization with the concept IMCA from ALPHA helps to transfer conformity assessment concepts from one module to another module into a complete plant concept (e.g. for LNG projects or in petrochemical industries) or from one destination country to another despite of varieties (Russian Federation to Uzbekistan, Belgium to Poland, Germany to China). Answers given by IMCA are ready to be copied from one module to another.

Using the IMCA philosophymeans and securing100 % quality according to ALPHA’s slogan „Think Quality!”